Time’s Up For Trafficking

     Time’s Up For Trafficking (TUT) is a weapon in the battle against domestic human trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE) of children in America. This is a continually updated resource for many of the books, speakers, and media related to this epidemic in our country.

     TUT is managed by Heidi Clingen, a writer, editor and book coach with her company www.allwritey.com. TUT Press is a publishing imprint designed specifically to help survivors and their advocates become authors efficiently, ethically, and economically.

     TUT Conversations are monthly conference call discussion groups to explore new approaches, insights, and best practices related to trafficking. Topics include rescue and escape from trafficking, safe houses, victim and trauma informed recovery, rehabilitation of traffickers, rehabilitation of sex buyers, parent awareness and training, teen awareness and training, first responder training, the role of the faith community, women traffickers and other tactics, regulatory reform and court advocacy, legislative reform, and porn addiction.

Time’s Up for Trafficking
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